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Capital markets in China - S&P Capital IQ: Exercises

Try these questions ...

Question 1 
Market Analysis: Find financial ratios in the Airline Industry in China.

  1. Click the Markets tab > Select Analysis under Industries
  2. Click Refine (the one next to Industry) under Market Analysis in the left navigation column
  3. Search for Airlines, select it and click Submit
  4. Click Refine Geography in the top right corner > Select China and click Submit
  5. Click Key Stats & Ratios
  6. Export to excel

Question 2 
Industry Intelligence: Find recent deal activity on China real estate.

  1. Mouse over Markets > Select Analysis under Industries
  2. Click Refine (the one next to Industry) under Market Analysis in the left navigation column
  3. Search for Real Estate, select it and click Submit
  4. Click Refine Geography in the top right corner > Select China and click Submit
  5. Click M&A/Private Placements and Public Offerings under Transactions in the left navigation column

Question 3
Company Screening: Build a list of Public investments firms that prefer to invest in healthcare in China.

  1. Mouse over Screening > Click Companies
  2. Under Company Details, select Company Type > Select Public Investment Firm > Click Add Criteria
  3. Under Investment Criteria / Private Equity Funds, click Industries of Interest > Select Healthcare > Click Add Criteria
  4. Under Investment Criteria / Private Equity Funds, click Geographies of Interest > Select China > Click Add Criteria
  5. Click View Results 

Question 4
Company Screening: Find the latest annual total revenue and total assets of companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

  1. Mouse over Screening > Click Companies
  2. Under Equity Details, select Exchanges > Select (SHSE) Shanghai Stock Exchange > Click Add Criteria, then click View Results
  3. On the Screening Results page, click on Customize Display Columns tab
  4. Search or Click on Browse All Display Columns
  5. Select Financial Statements under Financial Information, then select  CIQ Financial Statements and income Statement, followed by Total Revenue. Set to Latest Annual > Set Currency Options to Chinese Renimibi (Yuan) >  Click Add to Screen
  6. Select Financial Statements under Financial Information, then select  CIQ Financial Statements and Balance Statement, followed by Total Assets. Set to Latest Annual Set Currency Options to Chinese Renimibi (Yuan)  > Click Add to Screen
  7. Click Update Results

Question 5
Comparable Company Analysis: Compare financial performance of China Life Insurance Co. Ltd, China Mobile Limited, and Bank of China Limited (all listed on SEHK - Hong Kong Stock Exchange).

  1. Mouse over Screening > Click Create – Companies under Comparable Analysis
  2. Give your comparable set a name and click Save
  3. Next to Search by, click Search > Search China Life Insurance Co. Ltd and select it (Do the same for the other 2 companies)
  4. Select China Life Insurance Co. Ltd in the Set Subject Company drop down menu
  5. Click Add to Comps to view analysis
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