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How do I use Westlaw?: What does Westlaw cover?

Introduction to the Westlaw platform and how to conduct legal research. The focus is on non-us law.


Westlaw covers the following jurisdictions outside of the US : Australia, Canada, China, European Union, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom to name a few.  Look under International legal Materials for more details.

Westlaw has the World Journals file which includes US law reviews, a wide selection of UK journals and a selection of journals from other jurisdictions.  There is, for example the

  1. Singapore Year Book of International Law
  2. Singapore Journal of Legal Studies
  3. The Hong Kong Law Journal
  4. Journal of Chinese & Comparative Law
  5. Civil Justice Quarterly
  6. International & Comparative Law Quarterly
  7. European Competition Law Review
  8. European Intellectual Property Review
  9. International Review of Intellectual Property & Competition Law
  10. Leiden Journal of International Law
  11. New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law
  12. New Zealand Universities Law Review
  13. Victoria University of Wellington Law Review

Westlaw also has the official law report series The Law Reports.  It also has the English Reports, Weekly Law Reports, the Criminal Appeals Reports and the United Kingdom Case Law Transcripts.  

Westlaw has treatises such as:

  1. Archbold: Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice
  2. Civil Procedure ("White Book")

Westlaw has the Legal Journals Index, which indexes articles from 1980 onwards and Current Index to Legal Periodicals which produces weekly editions indexing articles from more than 300 legal publications. Coverage includes the most recent eight weeks.

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