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Research Data Management: Workshops and Consultation

Guide on research data management, with resources and tools for data planning, data organization, data documentation, data sharing, data security, data analysis and visualization

Workshops and Consultation

Email us at for more information on upcoming workshops or to book a consultation session. 

Online RDM Learning Resources

Research Data Management Training MANTRA (University of Edinburgh) provides free online course designed for researchers and students who manage digital data as part of a research project.

Fundamentals of Research Data Management (University of Washington) made up of seven one-hour course modules, based on the New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum (NECDMC). Includes learning objectives, presentations, readings, and exercises. Developed for undergraduate and graduate level.

Data Management Training Resources (UK Data Archive) is the companion website for the handbook on Managing and Sharing Research Data: A Guide to Good Practice by Louise Corti, Veerle Van den Eynden, Libby Bishop and Matthew Woollard. Contains chapters that are modularised with explanatory text, exercises, quizzes and answers. Geared towards social scientists, but can be adapted to other disciplines and countries.

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