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Research Data Management: Data Management Planning

Guide on research data management, with resources and tools for data planning, data organization, data documentation, data sharing, data security, data analysis and visualization

DMP Tool

Writing a Sucessful Data Management Plan

A video guide on writing a successful DMP from UCLA Library

Why should I plan my RDM?

Planning how you are going to look after your data during your research, share it with your collaborators, and how you're going to preserve it after the project will save you time and money during and after your project.

A data management plan (DMP) contains all the information related to managing the data for your project: what data, stored where by whom, how it is looked after and when it is made public.

[Source: University of Hertfordshire]

Elements of Data Management

Data Organization/Filing
When you start your project, you should think carefully about the filing system that you use so that information is easy to find later. A little forethought now will reduce the post-project transformations required for preservation. More about data organization/filing...
Data Storage and Security
Your data are the life blood of your research. If you lose your data, recovery could be slow, costly or worse, it could be impossible. Therefore, through the course of your research you must ensure that all your research data, regardless of format, are stored securely, backed up and maintained regularly. More about data storage and security...
When you start your project you should plan to record your decisions, methods and the development process so that when you write up your project in reports, papers, articles, and theses, and when you archive your data for reuse and verification, you have all the information required. More about documentation...
Ownership and Rights 
As a researcher, you should clarify ownership of and rights relating to research data before a project starts. Ownership and rights will determine how the data can be managed into the future, so these should be documented early in a project. 
Data sharing and Licensing
The decision to share your data will require the consideration of a number of issues relating to their subsequent discovery, access and future use. Find out here to identify the key points that you need to consider when making your data available to other researchers. 
Data preservation
After you've finished with your data and published your work, you need to consider what data to keep, and what data to delete. This is a tough decision, but storing redundant data is expensive. Consider what can be reproduced and what tools you have produced that are independently valuable. Read more on preserving data.

DMP Template, Checklist and Sample

Guides for Data Management Planning

Importance of Data Management Planning

Professor Jeff Haywood, University of Edinburgh, talks about the importance of data management planning for PhD students and early career researchers just starting at on a new research project.

Advising PhD students on data management planning

Richard Rodger, Professor of Economic and Social History at the University of Edinburgh, talks about the advice he 
gives his PhD students about data management planning.

Data management plan during a PhD

Ellie Bates, PhD student, talks about the importance of a data management plan in the timely completion of a PhD and offers advice to new researchers.

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