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Legal Internship Research Toolkit: How do I note up UK cases?

Using JustCite


Launch JustCite from the Library list of databases.
E.g. Note-up Beswick v Beswick [1966] 3 WLR 396
Enter the citation or case name into the search box.
JustCite will provide a list of parallel citations for the case, notes on the Subject Matter considered, Cases Judicially considered and Subsequent Cases that cited Beswick v Beswick and how it was treated.
Download PDF version of this guide.

You can now add a Justcite search box to your igoogle home page. 

If you are on campus or at home using VPN, it will link you to the Library’s subscription to Justcite.

Here are the instructions from Justcite.

To upload the gadget, go to your iGoogle home page (or set one up if you haven’t already done so); select “Add Stuff” from the top right; then choose the “Add feed or gadget” link on the bottom left; and finally paste in this URL:





Citation Search

Using Westlaw


Launch Westlaw International

Click on the Westlaw UK menu tab

Enter the name of the case under Case Locators or the citation under Find by Citation and click Go.

To read the full text of the case, click on Where Reported.

Scroll down and look under Cases Citing this Case for details on subsequent treatment of the case.


Treatment in other jurisdictions:

To view how the case was treated in subsequent cases in other jurisdictions (limited to Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and New Zealand)

Click on the Related Info tab on the left side of the screen.

Then click on Cited References

View the results in the navigation pane on the right.


Download a PDF copy of this guide


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