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Legal Internship Research Toolkit: How do I note up Singapore cases?

How do I note up Singapore case?


There are two ways you can do this.

Option 1

Launch LawNet

Once you have located a particular case.

Look at the ‘Cases Treatment’ at the top of the window.   

Click on ‘See All’ to retrieve the list of subsequent ‘Cases Referring’ to the case and how it was treated. 



A list of subsequent ‘Cases Referring’ to the original case will be displayed followed by a list of the ‘Cases Referred’ to in the initial case.





Option 2

Alternatively, you can do a ‘Reference Trace’ search.  (Note: This will only giving you ‘Cases Referring’ and not ‘Cases Referred’.)

Select the ‘Legal Research’ menu tab.  

Then Click on the ‘Cases’ tab 

Click on the ‘Advanced Search and Reference Trace’ link on the right side of the page.



Now click on the ‘Reference Trace’ tab.

Search for case by name or citation.  You can also filter by annotation, e.g. distd, folld, etc. using the drop down menu.




This will give you a list of subsequent cases that have referred to the initial case and how the case was treated.



Figure 1. Terms used to annotate cases in the Singapore Law Reports and the Malayan Law Journal.


(Image: Inside any volume of the Singapore Law Reports)

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