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Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration: Home

Research guide to library resources and services useful for Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration students


This research guide has been created for students enrolled in the Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration programme.

It points to articles, databases, journals, and resources relevant for the course . The sources covered include library-subscribed databases available only to the SMU community and publicly available websites.

Tri-Sector Collaboration

"In the conventional tri-sector model, each sector is conceived of as having a distinct role: the state or the public sector has the primary functions of upholding the rule of law and providing frameworks for both the market and civil society; the market or the private sector is considered the generator of wealth, and is the realm of innovation and productivity; the civil society, through its values orientation, promotes the right to assembly and public welfare and holds the other two sectors accountable. In this conceptualization, the lines around each sector are clearly demarcated. Scholars have argued that it is precisely because some social issues are so complex and do not lie neatly within the mandate of any one sector, and because neither sector alone has the capacity to address these issues that cross sector social partnerships form." (Rethinking the Three-sector Governance Framework in the Middle East, 2011)

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