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eAccess Troubleshooting Guide: Business Times

A guide to provide some tips and tricks to handle the common eAccess issues encountered.

Issues and Interventions

What browsers are supported to view Business Times?
Computer/Laptop Mobile App or Tablet Bug (see # below)
Chrome Ok ("Block third-party cookies" must be disabled) iPhone ("Allow Cross-Website Tracking" must be enabled). Doesn't work on Android. Bug #1
Firefox Not Working iPhone ("Allow Cross-Website Tracking" must be enabled). Doesn't work on Android. N.A.
Microsoft Edge Ok Not tested Bug #1
Safari (iOS users only) Ok ("Prevent cross-site tracking" must be disabled) Ok ("Prevent cross-site tracking" must be disabled) Bug #1

Bug #1: When max concurrent users has hit limit, it may still possible to continue reading the articles after clicking “OK”.

Just that error message will keep popping up. If users do not mind, just click “Continue” and “OK” every time they appear.

If users are only keen with today’s article, they can also click onto the “PDF” button for PDF version of today’s new (button as shown below).

Else, please advice users to try again on another timing.

When using Chrome, within 1-2 sec after logged in, it automatically logged out.

This will happen when "Block third-party cookies" is enabled in your Chrome browser. Please do the following steps to disable it:

  1. Go to "Settings" and then select "Privacy and security"
  2. Select "Allow all cookies"

note: if you are unable to find "Setting", you can type this command in the URL box: chrome://settings/cookies

When using Chrome Incognito, within 1-2 sec after logged in, it automatically logged out. Why Incognito mode doesn't work this time?

There is a setting for Chrome Incognito mode too. Once Incognito is launched, you will see the following page appears. Make sure the setting for "Block third-party cookies" is disabled as shown below.

When using Safari, within 1-2 sec after logged in, it automatically log out.

This will happen when "Prevent cross-site tracking" is enabled in your Safari browser. Please do the following steps to disable it:

  1. Go to "Safari" tab, and then select "Preferences"
  2. Go to "Privacy" tab
  3. Uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking" and "Block all cookies"

For iPhone or iPad users, you may experience automatically log out issue.

Please make sure that your browser have the following setting.

  • Chrome: "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" is enabled
  • Firebox: "Allow Cross-Website Tracking" is enabled
  • Safari: "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" is disabled

For Android users, please stick to Chrome browser

Error message "Something went wrong. It looks like there was an error. Please try again".

Users could be using Firefox browser. Advise user to use Chrome or Microsoft Edge as Firefox browser is not compatible with SPH new platform at all.

Error message "Oops, you are logged in on too many devices"

User is unable to login because the concurrent users has hit its maximum limit now, which is 5.

User will see the first image, followed by the second image.

Please advice user to try again later or avoid peak hour (such as 10-12pm, 2-4pm, etc).

User can continue to read article after clicking "OK" on the second error message.

Sometime it works, but user has to repeat this step again and again for every article.

User keep seeing "paywall" regardless of all the methods mentioned above.

Did user go to Business Times directly? Advice users to use the link provided by libraries.



Guide users to access the latest/current issue of BT from Factiva

Type, rst=stbt
Key in the date range (today's date)




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