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Online Learning Is Different! Top 5 Hacks: #5 Netiquette for Online Students

This guide provides practical tips for you to get ready for online learning in Term 1.

At a Glance

In this section, you will be able to learn more about how to conduct yourself better online and explore some online netiquette!

Tips for Online Student Netiquette

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What is netiquette?

Netiquette (net + etiquette) is the “code of conduct” applied to online spaces. 

Here are some tips and tricks that may help you as a student in SMU:

  • Recognize and respect diversity. It’s ok to ask questions to clarify things you don’t understand. If you’re not sure, email the professor privately for more information.
  • Avoid sarcasm and dark humor. Take your posts seriously. Never say online what you wouldn’t say in real life to another person’s face. Your posts are a permanent record, so think about the type of record you want to leave behind.
  • Do not vent on online platforms. If you are frustrated and finding the course material difficult, please reach out to the professor, use the tutor resources, etc. You can ask your peers for study tips. A discussion board is not the venue to complain about why you need to take this course or how hard you have to work.
  • Do your own due research before asking a question. Check the instructor’s FAQs or search your Learning Management System resources and/or the internet to see if the answer is obvious or easy to find.
  • Be forgiving. If your classmate makes a mistake, whether it’s a typo or grammatical error, don’t badger him or her for it. Just let it go.

For the full article: Helping Students Develop Proper Internet Etiquette

Tips and Tricks: Embossing with Stencils - Thinking Inking

Here are some personal tips and tricks from your seniors in SMU!!

Having had half a semester online, I would say it is very important to respect your professors and your peers. Most of your interactions with your peers and professors will be online and it will be different compared to interacting with them in real life. There will be a struggle especially when you want to be friendly yet stay respectful when emailing your professors. My tip would be to stay professional and to use proper language regardless. Being respectful also applies to commenting or class participating during class. Think through your comments before you send them. If you have feedback for a peer, I would suggest to private message that peer instead of publicly feedbacking as they might not take it well. As for participating in class, participate graciously and participate with a spirit to learn and not to score points. It would benefit you and the class more if you asked quality questions. 

In this season of online learning, we are all trying our best to adapt and succeed, so let's do this with respect and grace! 

Tired of Reading? Watch These Videos!

A 5-minute video about communicating online with professors and peers:

  • How to make a good impression using professional language when communicating with professors.
  • Basic email guidelines e.g. font sizes, backgrounds etc.
  • Use appropriate language. Don't use profanities and think before you comment!
  • Be courteous. Be respectful to both your professors and peers.
  • Show caution. Think before disclosing personal or private information.

The Golden Rule: Do not do or say online what you would not do or say offline!

Know how to conduct yourself in online classes from this 3-minute video:

  • Set up an appropriate and comfortable space for your class. Make sure your space is quiet and helps you to focus in class.
  • Look presentable if you are using a webcam.
  • Turn on your webcam (if required) to show participation and attentiveness.
  • Mute your microphone unless you are speaking.
  • Think before you type. What you type in the chat remains online forever!
The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy