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Library Peer Advisors: Advice from UG for UG: LPAs Welcome You

Who We Are. What We Do.

Who We Are

The Library Peer Advisors (LPAs) provide peer-to-peer support by students for students in areas such as citation help, database training and conducting library tours. Studies have shown that peer-assisted learning is beneficial in providing supportive social networks for students and allows them to learn and acquire knowledge from their peers. The LPA initiative expands the already existing peer ecosystems in SMU such as the Peer Helpers, Peer Advisors, Peer Tutors, Comm Coaches and Career Champions.

Meet and greet the cohort of Library Peer Advisors! Need help from them? Contact us at 

Library Peer Advisors

Derrick LKCSB 2018

  • Why join the LPA?

"I wanted an avenue where I could give back to the school. Through the LPA, I will be given the opportunities to interact with different people, especially freshmen regardless of which schools they are from. This also allows me to provide them with the same help I received from my seniors when I first entered the school as a freshman."  

  • No.1 Tip for freshmen?

"Don't be afraid to ask any questions in class. The professors in SMU are very willing to answer your questions. Personally, I also feel that is the best way to learn in class."

Joe SOSS 2018 

  • Why join the LPA?

"I started in Year 2 after the Libraries opened up slots for LPA, thought that giving tips to students in terms of teaching and assisting them about library services was a great idea as I personally benefitted a lot from library services when I was a freshman.

  • No. 1 Tip for freshmen?

"Look out for library workshops and get to know the databases! The Libraries have extensive resources that will help you out on your academic research!

Joey SOSS 2018

  • Why join the LPA?

"I get to learn new skills and in-depth knowledge of the different databases out there. Especially for SOSS, we don’t necessarily use the same databases as those that business students use and so we probably don't have many opportunities to learn and use them. Joining the LPA has allowed me to learn more about these databases and share our knowledge with others as well."  

  • No. 1 Tip for freshmen?

"Always be prepared - whether it is downloading materials that you would require, looking through your slides, or               doing the readings before class. These will allow you to better focus and participate in class.


Valli SOA 2019

  • Why join the LPA?

"To teach what I learnt and give back to the student community."  

  • No. 1 Tip for freshmen?

"Win or Lose, just experience every opportunity that the University offers to you all!



Eric SCIS 2020 

  • Why join the LPA?

"I feel that most library resources are underutilized. So it will be nice to learn and share them to our peers."  

  •  No. 1 Tip for freshmen?

"Lay out not only your study plans but also project plans since they can be one after another.



Mary LKCSB 2020

  • Why join the LPA?

"I wanted to learn about the available resources the Libraries have, and share that knowledge with my peers in the process!"

  • No. 1 Tip for freshmen?

"Plan ahead & always do your readings!"


Ningxian SCIS 2020

  • Why join the LPA?

"Seek a different working role for self-improvement."

  • No. 1 Tip for freshmen?

"You should be more active in class to adopt the SMU learning style that will help make your journey at SMU more meaningful."

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