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COVID-19 Academic Resources: Business Impact


Analyses include:

  • Italy in crisis as travel and tourism demand collapses 
  • Mapping the effects of coronavirus on consumer health 
  • Coronavirus: Sports Impact Assessment 
  • The Impact of Coronavirus on FMCG and Service Sectors in China 
  • Coronavirus and its Potential Impact on Travel and Tourism 


EIU Financial Services Report


COVID-19 Content Hub

Webinars include:

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 Register for the "Global Lecture Series: Academic Capacity Enhancement on Chinese Economic Studies" between 1st to 30th June. Some of these lecture series are relevant to economic studies in China. 

  • The Shock of the COVID-19 on the Global Value Chain and China's Countermeasure Options.
  • COVID-19 on the Australia-China economic relationship  
  • COVID-19 Pandemic, Society and Economy: Lessons from History
  • Looking ahead to Modern Economics after the COVID-19 Pandemic :Neoclassical Synthesis and Complex System Science
  • Pandemic Economics and the Transformation of Health Policy
  • COVID-19 and global economy: How to turn the pandemic crisis into opportunity
  • Government Responses to COVID-19 in China: From virus containment to economic restoration


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Focus

Click Coronavirus from the top menu bar. All coronavirus (COVID-19) research from across the Fitch Group now at a single location.

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Navigate rapid market shifts with our​ expert data-driven insights and news.

Refinitiv introduce new daily video series, The Corona Correction, and discuss how and why they will be addressing the ongoing impact of the coronavirus on markets.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

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