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How do I note up cases?: JustisOne

Using JustisOne to note up

1. Access JustisOne on the A-Z database list.

2. Search for the case using case name or citation. You should be able to see an overview of the case treatment from the search results. 

You can also use the Advanced Search like so:

3. Clicking on the case name brings you to the overview of the case. It is split into two screens: the citation information on the left and the judgement (if available) on the right.

If it's part of the Times Law Report a PDF should be available. Otherwise you can also check the other places that the judgement is available in. NOTE: Please access all databases through our SMU databases. The links do not directly go through SMU's subscription. 

4. To access cases cited within the judgement, click on the tab 'Cited Cases'.

5. To find cases which has cited this judgment, click on the tab 'Citing Cases'.

You may find you only want to find a specific case or treatment, if so you can narrow your search using the filters by the search bar.

7. JustisOne also has a feature called the Precedent Map available on the top right of the overview. This allows you to see a visual representation of all the relationships between the cases.


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