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Social Problems in Asia (SOCG 218): Home

Course Overview

Social problems are real problems, often with consequences for real people. Nevertheless, all problems exist within the contexts of their particular societies and cultures. What is a social problem and how we seek to solve social problems are influenced by particular social settings, governments’ policy orientation, media, opportunities for social movements, and individual actors’ choices. This course explores the social roots to the problems and how social problems affect and being affected by our social institutions and culture. In particular, we will learn about common social issues in Asian countries such as drug addiction, prostitution, poverty and gender inequalities.

Course Objectives

At the end of the term you should demonstrate competence in:

  1. The theoretical frameworks through which sociologists study social problems.
  2. The empirical findings of particular social problems.
  3. Some possible solutions to social problems.
  4. The ability to be critically engaged with the social issues of the day.
  5. Locate and/or develop your own ideologies and solutions to social problems.

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