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Social Problems in Asia (SOCG 218): Week 11


Can we isolate a social problem?

Week 11 looks at the interactive effects of related variables in social problems. The first topic uses Pakistan to illustrate how economists and sociologists/social scientists approach poverty differently. When looking at a particular problem, the economist will want to treat it separately from the larger nexus of issues. Week 11 will also specifically focus on the “feminization of poverty” indicating the close connection between economic inequality and gender inequality. Microfinance will also be examined as a possible solution to poverty.

Week 11 Book List


  1. International Monetary Fund. 2010. “Pakistan: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper.”
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  4. BRIDGE, 2001. “Briefing Paper on the ‘Feminisation o f Poverty’.” Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex.
  5. Online articles on women poverty in Japan.
  6. Kimoto, Kimiko and Komiko Hagiwara. 2010. “Feminization of Poverty in Japan: A Special Case?” In Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg. Poor Women in Rich Countries. The Feminization of Poverty over the Life Course. Oxford: OUP. Chapter 8: 202-229.
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  8. Bisen, Arjun et al. 2012. “The Social Construction of the Microfinance Industry: a comparison of donor and recipient perspectives." Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Journal 4(2): 62 – 83.

Optional Readings

  1. Abe, Aya K. 2012. “Poverty and Social Exclusion of Women in Japan.Japanese Journal of Social Security Policy 9(1).

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