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Research and Publishing Support: Tutorial

Research guide for information resources on citation count, journal impact, author identification, publishing, rankings and statistical analysis of publications

MyRI Tutorial

MyRI (Measuring your Research Impact) is a self-paced tutorial on tools that help you measure your research impact. The project is a collaboration between four academic libraries and two academic units:

  • University College Dublin Library (project lead)
  • Dublin City University Library
  • Dublin Institute of Technology Library
  • National University of Ireland Maynooth Library
  • School of Computer Science & Informatics at UCD
  • Department of Geography at Maynooth

The MyRI Project is funded by NDLR (National Digital Learning Resources), the Irish Learning Objects Repository initiative.

All materials are available on Open Access under Creative Commons license.

Access MyRI online tutorial.

Contents of MyRI Tutorial

Here are the contents of the 3 modules:

1. Introduction to Bibliometrics

1.1   Aims and Learning outcomes

1.2    Bibliometrics Defined

1.3   Research Assessment & Evaluation : Stakeholders

1.3.1   Institutional Management & Administration

1.3.2   Colleges, Faculties, Schools

1.3.3    Individual researchers

1.4   The Main Metrics

1.5   The Main Bibliometric Tools

1.5.1   Main Metrics and Tools: A Summary

1.5.2   Main tools: Data Integrity

1.6   Bibliometrics: Issues and Limitations

1.7   References/Further Reading

Contents of MyRI Tutorial Cont'd

2.   Tracking your Research Impact

2.1   Aims and Learning Outcomes

2.2.1   Citation Searching: An Introduction

2.2.2   Main Citation Analysis Tools

2.2.3   Additional Tools : All Disciplines

2.2.4   Additional Tools: Computer Science

2.3   Using Citation Analysis Tools

2.3.1   Search for your publications

2.3.2   How many times have my publications been cited?

2.3.3   What is my most highly cited paper?

2.3.4   How do I set up a citation alert? 

2.4.1   How do I calculate my H-index?

2.5      What other metrics are availlable for my publications?

2.5.1   What other metrics are available for my publications? Computer Science

2.6   Can I measure the performance of a group or department?

2.7   World University Rankings

2.8   References/Further Reading


3.    Journal Ranking and Analysis

3.1   Aims and Learning Outcomes

3.2   About Journal Citation Reports

         How is the 'Journal Impact Factor (JIF) calculated?

3.2.1   Which journals in my area have the highest impact?

3.2.2   What other metrics are available for journals in my area?

3.2.3   What additional metrics are available  for individual journal titles?

3.2.4   Where do I get more information aboout using JCR?

3.3      Emerging Journal Ranking Tools

3.4   Journal Impact Factor issues and limitations

3.5   What additional ways are there to help me choose a journal?

3.6   References/Further Reading


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