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How do I use MarketLine Advantage: Tips and Tricks

Guide to the content and features of MarketLine Advantage

Financial Deals Tracker Tutorial

Company Prospector Tutorial

Investment and Advisory Prospector Tutorial

Company Report Generator Tutorial

Tips - Main MarketLine Advantage

Search by Phrase - feature not available
MarketLine does not allow you to limit your search by phrase.  If you type 3 words in quotation marks (" "), you will retrieve all documents that contain those 3 words anywhere in each document. You might as well not use quotation marks. 

Boolean Operators - feature not available
Do not use "OR" or other Boolean operators. If you use them, you will retrieve documents that contain all of the words INCLUDING the AND or OR.  The functionality of the Boolean operator is not used. Many documents have "AND" but so very few have "OR".

When you search multiple keywords, you will only retrieve documents that have ALL of your keywords. 

"Refine your search" 
Take note that you are starting a brand new search if you type in new Keywords.  It is not a subset of the earlier results unless you use the other refining links such as Industry, Geography, etc.

Tips - Databases / Premium Tools

Country Statistics

  • The "Data Selection" can be refined to show Market by Volume, Company Shares, Distribution, Consumer Graphics and Brand Share
  • Allows comparisons by Country or Category
  • Forecast data ia available for some time series
  • Easy refining by Data type, County, Sector and Unit/Year. 

Financial Deals Tracker

  • Build your Deals/Events Search allows you to search for specific deals and events
  • Most info are hyperlinked to detailed info
  • Report Builder function allows you to access specific reports: M&A Landscape, PE Monitor, Capital Markets Landscape, Master Industry Report, Country Financial Deals Report

 Investment & Advisory Prospector

  • In the Quick Search function, the Industry and Geography refer to target's industry and location
  • If you wish to search for specific investor/advisor, use the Build Your Search function

 Market Data Analytics

  • Output is presented in several ways:
  • Absolute number, Expenditure per Capita, Indexed to 100, Percent of Total or Year-on-Year Growth
  • Currency options are US Dollar or Euro



Best Features

View the Number of Each Type of Document at-a-Glance
Click on "Browse" tab at the top of the MarketLine Advantage homepage to see the number of each type of information in the main MarketLine database.

Related Research
Each Company, Country and Industry Profile provides links to "Related Research". For example, a Company Profile may have a link to "Financial Deals" or "Company News".  Keep your eyes on the right side of the screen.

Table of Contents
Each Profile allows you to open sections of the report from a Table of Contents located on the right side of the screen.  You won't necessarily need to open the entire document.

Down-loadable Features
Different portions of content can be downloaded. Word and PDF are the two options. 

Every screen has the Google powered Translator (at the very bottom).  Useful?  You decide.

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