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Strategy (MGMT102 Prof Kim Chang Hyun): About & Readings

Course Description & Learning Objectives

This course introduces students to the theoretical concepts and analytical tools required for formulating and implementing appropriate strategies that affect the enduring success of the entire organization. Topics covered include external and internal environmental analyses, business-level strategies, corporate-level strategies, strategy planning process and implementation, and special topics such as competitive dynamics in manufacturing and service industries. This course emphasizes the application of theory to real world strategic issues. Students are encouraged to synthesize knowledge from other business courses into a comprehensive understanding of competitive advantage.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of a firm’s competitive advantages.
  • Apply analytical techniques for diagnosing strategy formulation, including industry structure, resources, and business/corporate strategies.
  • Apply analytical techniques for the evaluation of strategy implementation, including corporate social responsibility and strategic leadership.
  • Identify strategic issues and design appropriate courses of action.


This guide was created to support the course MGMT102 Strategy taught by Prof. Kim Chang Hyun. It points to useful electronic and print resources for the course.

This guide is created and maintained by Rajendra Munoo.

Required Reading

Articles from Harvard Business Review

Use the search bar on the library homepage to find the articles from HBR.
NOTE: If you see this message: "The publisher offers limited access to this article. The full text cannot be printed or saved. Read online only." You will need to access the print version located on Level 3 Shelf Number HF1.H37 and print the relevant article(s).

If you need assistance please approach the staff at the Service Desk, Level 2.

HBR Interview with Michael Porter on Strategy

Useful Websites

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