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Investment Studio: Home

Guide to the Li Ka Shing Library's Investment Studio


Access to financial terminals is strictly limited to the Investment Studio and designated terminals only. Logging in from other locations is strictly prohibited and unauthorised access will be investigated.

You can book each Investment Studio terminal for one hour at a time, for a maximum of two hours per terminal per day.

Only plain water is allowed in the Investment Studio.

Priority is given to database users for research purposes.


The Investment Studio is a dedicated space on Level 3 of Li Ka Shing Library which allows users to access finance terminals under one roof.

The studio has three collaboration tables equipped with the "Show Me" video projection system that facilitates group work and collaboration. Terminals are available for individual research as well.

View the layout of databases in the Investment Studio on the next page.

"Show Me" video projection system

Press the blue button to project from the PC monitor to the large LCD screen at the head of the table, so your project mates can see the same screen from across the table.

Extra unattached cables are provided for you to connect to your own laptop.

To switch off the projection, press the button on a cable not connected to any computers.

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