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How do I research Information Systems topics: Plan Research

Guide to researching information systems topics.

1. Kick Off

What is research? What can be your research topics?

Select some general topics that interest you. Use reference sources e.g., encyclopedias in subject areas to get an overview of your topic. The overview of your topic may help you to analyze the subtopics, generalize some questions, and formulate research statement etc. With the overview you are able to focus the topic into some specific parts that you can handle well. Based on your focused topic you are able to come out with a research statement.

2. Research Problem/Hypothesis

When you conduct a research it is typically centred around a specific argument /statement. The readers of your report expect to find a clear statement regarding the purpose of your report. The research statement is typically found in the first paragraph of your report.

With information retrieved from the first round background research you can decide what kind of statement you are interested and have enough evidence to prove. You need to be able to support your statement with good evidence from reliable sources. List keywords to help you look up information about the topic.

It's always a good idea to draft a hypothesis or tentative statement at start of your research project. It is no doubt that you will make changes to your statement as your project progresses. The hypothesis or statement could be a statement of your opinion, discussion and prediction of an issue, a possible solution to a problem, comparisons, and so on.

When you start planning your research strategy use your hypothesis or statement as a guide to the type of information that you require.

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