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This research guide has been compiled to support research at SMU's Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  

The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE) was set up at SMU in September 2009 in order to create and grow an entrepreneurial culture amongst students, staff and faculty through collaborations within and beyond the community.

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About IIE

IIE has various functions that help innovators commercialize their business ideas. The acronym ASPIIRE represents the IIE DNA as summarized below:

    Acceleration: Support for start-ups beyond incubation to scale in overseas markets


    Sandbox: A platform for start-ups to raise pre-seed funding through government grants to develop their prototypes


    Promotion: Reach out, spread awareness, inspire innovators, and source innovations through platforms like events and competitions


    Incubation: The eco-system for incubating early stage start-ups by providing mentorship, physical space, and ongoing business building support


    IP Management Office: Assisting and advising inventors on how to protect Intellectual Property, trademarks and other creative works of proprietary    nature


    Research & Development: Affiliate Program where IIE partners with external academic institutions and corporate organizations to bring intellectual property to SMU with the goals of commercializing them by assembling SMU resources


    Education: Outreach program where SMU IIE offers corporate and individuals innovation and entrepreneurship related training programs

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