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How do I note up cases?: LawNet

Using Lawnet to note up cases

LawNet is very useful in noting up Singaporean cases. There are two methods of noting up on LawNet:

(1) Short search method

(2) Long search method (reference trace)

Short Search Method

1. Search for the case you want to note up using its citation.

2. Once the search has retrieved the case you are searching for, click on the "Referring" link below the case.

3. Select the "Case(s) Referring" tab to view the case treatment of the case. Take note of possible repetitions. 


4. You can also select the "Case(s) Referred to" tab to view the cases referred to by this case.



Long Search Method (Reference Trace)

1. Select "Reference Trace" under "Legal Research.

2. For long search, it is advisable to search with name and citation since both approaches has its flaws:

(1) If you search with citation, LawNet may not factor in the fact that a case has multiple citations and the results may not be comprehensive;

(2) If you search with case name,other cases with the same case name may not be filtered out.

- Using citation


- Using case name 


3. Compare the results to ensure your results are accurate and comprehensive. Here, it is possible that another Re BKR case might have been noted up.

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