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IRIS Faculty CV Guide: External Service - Public Sector and Community Service

For help with using the IRIS Faculty CV module

CV Sections: External Service - Public Sector

[Position/Role], [Organization], [Committee Name], [Start date (YYYY) – End Date (YYYY)]

*i.e Committee Member, Review Panel, Singapore Bar Examinations, Part B, 2010 - 2011

What is the above section about

This section covers service in an academic or professional capacity provided to government and community organizations, usually pro-bono but could be with a fee.

The section consist of the following fields

  1. Position/Role of the service.
  2. The Organization the service was for.
  3. The Committee Name (if applicable) the service was for.
  4. The start date of the service - render as YYYY.
  5. The end date (if applicable) of the service - render as YYYY.

A label "Present" will appear if the end date field is empty.

Rendering of records will be ordered by Start Date in reverse chronological order.

How to update
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