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How do I use Lexis?: Home

Overview on how to use the various Lexis functions.


SMU is currently subscribed to two Lexis databases: Lexis Singapore and LexisNexis Australia.

Lexis Singapore covers case law and legislation for the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, EU, India, and the US. Singapore Legislation is also available and linked to commentary in Halsbury's Laws of Singapore. The following law reports are included:

  1. The Law Reports
  2. All England Law Reports
  3. Malayan Law Journal Reports

Also available are US law reviews, some UK and Australian journals.  Of particular note are the Cambridge Law Journal, the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and the New Zealand Law Journal.  For other specialized journals please consult the Journals Tab and click on the "i" button to see list of journal in broad categories.

Other important titles are  Halsbury's Laws of Singapore, Halsbury's Laws of England and Halsbury's Laws of Malaysia as well as the Encylopaedia of Forms and Precedents.

Current awareness resources include the Journals Index and the UK Legal Newspapers Index.

LexisNexis Australia's coverage includes Australian case law and legislation as well as Australian law journals, see below:

  1. Australian Journal of Corporate Law
  2. Australian Journal of Family Law
  3. Australian Property Law Journal
  4. Competition & Consumer Law Journal
  5. Journal of Contract Law
  6. Torts Law Journal

 The database focuses on specialised areas of law, such as administrative law, building contracts, civil procedure, commercial law, criminal law, corporation law, family law, immigration law, intellectual property & media law, and precedents.   Of particular interest is the database Casebase (which is both a citator and a includes references to journal articles) as well as Halsbury's Laws of Australia

Here is a quick 'How to" guide for Lexis. The idea is to orientate you to the platform and get you started on basic searches on both Lexis Singapore and LexisNexis Australia. 


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