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BGS Research Skills Workshop: Research Skills Workshop

Read this First

Step 1: Work in Pairs

Step 2: Complete all Activities (unless there is an OR)

Step 3: Refer to the Research Guide for your assigned Company/Entrepreneur

Step 4: Download the Activity Sheet and complete it

Activity 1 Advanced Searching in Google

Search String

Number of Results?

  1. sustainable enterprises


  1. “sustainable  enterprises”


  1. sustainable enterprises  site:edu


  1. "sustainable enterprises" filetype:pdf


  1. Go to > [Sign in if required]

Click on Settings > Library Links > Save SMU - Find it@SMU Library [new]

Run your Search. Click on any of the Findit@SMU Library links

What do you notice?

Activity 3 Check Out to Curate

3.1. Use the Library Search and borrow TWO (2) books (preferably hard copy) on any ONE (1) the following topics:

Sustainable enterprises OR Ageing OR Social responsibility of business

3.2. Skim and scan the through the books (table of contents; indexes; abstract) and prepare a short book review for each. (Please do not use Amazon or copy and paste from other sources)

3.3. Curate a mini display (this will be viewed by all)

Activity 5 Business Intelligence

Refer to your assigned entrepreneur/company in the Research Guide . Read the associated article and answer the following questions:

5.1. Name the industry or line of business

5.2. Prepare a short SWOT analysis of the business using the template below:











5.3. Use BMI Research for find the latest industry report closest to the line of business.

Title of report:

5.3.1. What is the structure/headings in the report?

5.3.2. What companies are mentioned in the report?

5.4. Use FACTIVA to locate a local newspaper article about your entrepreneur/company. Provide the full citation for the article.

Library Search


Activity 2 Library Search

2.1. Search for sustainable enterprises in the library search.

Number of Results _______________

2.2. List FIVE (5) synonyms related to social responsibility of business

2.3. What are the differences in searching Google and the Library Search?

Activity 4 Movie Time

4.1. Watch the video with the Vice President of sustainable business and innovation at Nike, Hannah Jones entitled “Hannah Jones interview”  ( and answer the following questions:

1. The 90’s was difficult year for Nike. Why?

2. Describe how Nike builds its relationship with consumers

3. What is the huge issue that Hannah talks about?

4. What is Nike’s innovation strategy?

5. Where is Nike on the sustainability scale?

6. Give 3 examples of Nike’s collaborations?

7. What is Hannah’s advice to companies not embracing sustainability?

8. What is Hannah like on her good day and bad day?

9. What is Nike’s risk in the area of sustainability?

10. Hannah talks of the relationship between business and government. What is it like?

Activity 4 Movie Time


4.2. Watch Growing Old in Singapore (Part 1): Introduction.

Reflecting on the introductory remarks by the panelist for the series Growing Old in Singapore, write a 2-paragraph memo to your local Member of Parliament on how Business, Government and Society can play a role to address ageing in Singapore.

Activity 6 Directories and Bibliographies

6.1. Use Emerald database to find THREE (3) journal articles on your research topic. Then generate an APA citation and email it to (Include your Group Number and Team Member’s Names)

6.2. Identify THREE (3) ejournal titles from the Emerald publisher list (hard copy) that SMU subscribes to.

6.3. Find THREE (3) local web sites/resources for entrepreneurs for starting up a business. Provide the following information using this format:

Title/Name of Webpage:


What is this website about?

The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy