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Master of Science in Management : MKTG625

This guide points to useful print and electronic resources for the modules in the programme.

MKTG625: Consumer Behaviour by Mr Geoffrey da Silva

The study of consumer behaviour is an important part of the science underlying the development of marketing programs. Consumer behaviour is a natural extension of the application of the marketing concept that prefaces the study of marketing. Consumer research is a prelude to the formulation of marketing programs. And is also the outcome of marketing strategies as companies seek to better understand the effects of the different elements of the marketing mix on consumer attitudes, knowledge, perceptions and buying behaviours.

Drawing upon academic research in marketing, psychology and economics, the course introduces important theories, methods, and findings of research on attention, comprehension, memory, attitude formation and choice. The course also covers macro influences on consumer behaviour at the reference group, sub-cultural, cultural and environmental levels. This course lays the theoretical foundation for other marketing courses and the implications of consumer behaviour theories to real-world marketing problems are discussed throughout the course. The course will also heighten your awareness of the ethical issues underlying the effects of marketing programs on consumers.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the process through which marketing actions affect consumer behavior
  • Explain the key psychological theories of motivation, perception, learning and attitude formation/change in relation to their relevant applications to marketing concepts
  • Explain the impact of external influences comprising culture, sub-cultures, groups and the family on consumer buying behaviors
  • Analyze the process of decision making and its relationship to the different internal and external variables that impact on buying behavior
  • Apply the theoretical knowledge of consumer behavior to diagnose the application of marketing in different consumer marketing contexts
  • Compare and contrast consumer buying behaviors with that of organizational buying behavior and the frameworks related to business buying decision making and its implications for sales and marketing strategies in a B2B context
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