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Corporate Crime: Working the Problem.

Guide to legal research on corporate crime


Mind Mapping is a graphic and pictorial method of organising information. In addition to delineating the ideas and concepts associated with a topic, mind maps also bring to the fore the critical relationships between these concepts. Follow these basic steps to do a mind map for your topic:

On a large sheet of blank paper, identify the main concept you wish to explore and write it down in the middle, encircling it with a shape.

Next, think of associated concepts (ideas, questions, hunches!) and surround the central idea with these, using lines to denote the relationship between them.

Begin thinking in greater detail about each one of the second-order ideas, adding examples when possible. Also remember to characterise the relationship between the elements.

The further you move away from the main concept, the more specific your ideas will become.

Tool: Search Strategy Builder

Try out this Search Strategy Builder for a fun way to build your search strings.

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