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Li Ka Shing Library

Master of Science in Communication Management: Data Analytics

A joint programme by SMU, Singapore & USI, Lugano, Switzerland. This is the programme portal for the Academic Year 2012-2013. It points to useful electronic and print resources for the courses.

Course Description

Data analytics has been used increasingly in different business context and applications. Data analytics techniques and methods involve extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive models, and fact-based management to provide valuable insights in order to drive decisions and actions.
The goals of this course are for students to (a) develop a basic understanding of data analytics and its business applications, (b) develop a basic understanding of the data analytics and sentiment analysis theory, concepts and techniques, (c) develop a basic understanding of the value of data analytics implementation, and (d) apply sentiment analysis to analyse Tweeter feeds in response to information disseminated in newspapers, in a case study.


For access to cases, please check with the respective Faculty.

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