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How do I use Safari Books Online: How To Use

Guide to the content and features in Safari Tech Book Online database

Step 1 - Searching

Browse Books via Category Map

Categories for you to choose are: Desktop and Web Applications, Business, Digital Media, Engineering, Information Technology & Software Development, Math & Science, Personal & Professional Development, Product, and Vendor. Access to category map can be found either on the left navigation or the top right corner on the homepage.

Look for a Book

Start your search easily using the search box on the homepage of Safari. Within the search results you can find books, shortcuts or even articles. You can filter the search results by categories using filter panel on the left of search results screen.

Look for Content within a Book/Chapter

Once you find a book you can search within a book or a chapter to find relevant content. The results link to specific pages.

Step2 - Evaluating

Don't want to waste time to read something irrelevant or no value! To make sure what you find is exactly what you need you can check out Table of Contents or Book Ratings.

  • Table of Contents appears in the book record for you to click.
  • Safari Books Online rating/reviews and an Amazon rating (where available) are available after you click the title of the book in the search results.

You can then decide whether you want to go ahead to read this book.

Step 3 - Start Reading

Click Start Reading to start your happy reading journey. To better your reading experience take advantages of the following features:

Bookmarks - Revisit a place in a book quickly and find where you leave off from last reading.

How to bookmark?
Dog-ear the page by clicking the upper right corner of the page or click the Bookmark icon in the top tool bar.

How to use?
Jump to any page with a Bookmark quickly by clicking the Bookmark on the left navigation panel beside the book page.

Notes and Highlighting - Hold your thoughts and leave your comments on the text to a book or a page.

How to make notes and highlighting?
Create Notes in a movable layer right over the page you are reading.Or you can click Create Note/Tag icon on the top of the reading panel.

How to use?
Organize, search and filter your Notes by adding Tags. Print your Notes and Highlights in a custom summary.

Tags - Categorize your Notes and organize your content with search-able Tags.

How to create tags?
Click Create Note/Tag icon on the top of the reading panel. Assign Tags to a whole book, to specific pages, or to your Notes.

How to use tags?
Search for content (books, specific pages, and Notes) you have tagged.Select from your frequently used Tags when creating a new Note or Tag.

Additional Reading - Find content that is related to the book/pages you are reading.

How to use?
Click the SHOW button at the bottom of the page to see up to 9 links for additional reading.

Step 4 - Sharing with others

Shared search results and notes allow you to network with others about topics of interest, recommend content and discover additional titles.

While reading you have the choices to:

  • Click Email This Page(on the top of reading panel) to share the page you are reading with others.
  • When creating or viewing Notes you can share the Notes with others. (Access all your notes on the left of the screen.)

Step 5 - Using for your research assignment

You can Print:

  • A page or chapter you are reading
  • Text you have highlighted
  • Notes from an individual book or a combination of books

You need to Cite if you use information from Safari:

Citing the location of the chapter within a book can be done by use of the URL button found at the top of the Content Reader. It should be noted that this is the page of the book within Safari, and it may not always correspond to the page number of the original hard copy book.

The use of electronic resources must comply with the Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy and Singapore Management University Acceptable Use Policy