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How do I use Safari Books Online: What Is Available

Guide to the content and features in Safari Tech Book Online database

What Is Available

By Matertial Types:

E-Books - Extensive collection of important technology, creative, business and management books from the world's most trusted Authors and Publishers.

Shortcuts - Exclusive short-topic works on specific up-to-date technology topics that are less than 100 pages and are not likely become a printed book (too early in their life cycle or too specific to have entire books dedicated to the subject.

Articles - A collection of thousands of technical articles, which are correlated with all the other content in Safari for you to click when you are searching on a topic or reading a book.

By Topics:


Topics include programming, Web development, software development, system administration, network administration, desktop applications, operating systems and databases, covering topics such as Java, C/C++, C#, .NET, PHP/Python/Perl, Ruby, Flash, Cisco, UNIX, Linux, SQL, JavaScript, Ajax, ActionScript, Flex, AIR and many more.


Topics include Web design, CSS, HTML, XHTML, Adobe Photoshop, 3D design and animation, InDesign, Illustrator, digital photography, Visualizing data, Dreamweaver, graphic design, Flash and more.

Business & Management

Access over 1,500 of the best business, management and professional development titles. Topics include project management, conflict resolution, productivity, leadership, training and development, human resource management, finance, accounting and more.

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