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Business, Government and Society (MGMT003): Newspaper Articles

Research guide for information resources on business, government and society.

Locating Newspaper Articles

If you looking for newspaper articles from Singapore or Asian countries, then try searching Factiva. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Search for Factiva using the database option in SMU PYXIS+

Step 2: Click on the Database URL to launch the database

Step 3: Select your Source. To do this, Select by Region

Step 3.1. Click on the + next to Asia to view all the countries or regions

Step 3.2. Click on the + next to Southeast Asian countries

Step 3.3. Click on the word Singapore to choose all the Singapore sources to be searched. If you want to select individual publications or sources then simple click on the + to expand the category and view the listing. Again click on the title of the source and it gets selected.

Step 4: Choose your date range

Step 5: Enter your keywords in the Free Text search box. [Remember you can use Boolean Searching AND, OR, NOT and phrase in addition to other techniques]

Step 6: Run Search

Step 7: Click on the hyperlinked article to view the full text

Step 8: You can print, download or email the article

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