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Li Ka Shing Library

How do I use Bloomberg: Help & Training

This guide helps you understand how to navigate Bloomberg

Bloomberg Learning Materials & Support

Need assistance when you are searching Bloomberg?

Use "Help" button to send a message to a Bloomberg Help Desk representative. Provide your SMU email for them to reply to you directly.

Don't understand a financial term used by Bloomberg?

Use HL to look up definitions.

Looking for Bloomberg documentation on topics of interest to you?

BPS to search for Bloomberg cheat sheets. Cheat sheets contain commonly-used and useful commands relating to different topics. Save the PDF files for future reference.

CFA assistance

The FAPRO <GO> function on the Bloomberg Terminal maps the CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge to 400 Bloomberg functions. CFAPRO enables you to drill down into Learning Outcome Statements, discover Bloomberg functions that best illustrate the academic finance concepts then springboard quickly and easily to those relevant functions.

Exercises for Bloomberg

Where can I attend training for Bloomberg?

If you are interest to learn more about Bloomberg, here are some ways:

1. Training videos: Book and login to one of the Bloomberg terminals located in our Investment Studio. Type in BU and hit enter (<GO>) to access “Bloomberg University”. Look for the training videos in “View video tutorials”. These are introductory videos that can be viewed at your own pace. Remember to bring your own earphones and plug them into the monitor.

2. Bloomberg Market Concepts: BMC <GO> and register with your SMU email for the Bloomberg Market Concepts course. The course is available for free via the terminal. 

3. In-person sessions: You may also register for trainings at Bloomberg’s office from the terminal. Enter BU <GO> , go to View upcoming events - Filter City by “Singapore” - “*EXCLUSIVE* for University Students (or choose other seminars that you are interested in). Click on the red “Sign up” button and register with your SMU email address.

4. Consultation: Schedule an appointment with our research librarian for a short introduction to Bloomberg. Feel free to contact the library if you have any more questions.

5. Occasionally, there will be Bloomberg demo session held on campus. Watch out for emails from the library on when to register for these sessions.

Bloomberg FAQs

Find more FAQs here.  If you can't find what you are looking for, email us.

Other Useful FAQs Sites

The following institutions have Library FAQs that provide a lot of useful information.  For Bloomberg related questions and answers, do a keyword search for Bloomberg.
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