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Legal Research 101: Skills for my first week of law school: 5. Westlaw

Guide for first year law students to navigate the Library's resources and to retrieve course readings

How do I check if Westlaw provides access to a particular journal?

To check if the database provides access to a particular journal:

E.g. Journal of Business Law 

1.  Launch WestlawNext (formerly Westlaw International)

2. Click on INTERNATIONAL MATERIALS.  Only by doing so you will be able to search anything in non-US jurisdictions.

3. When you see the search box has turned into “INTERNATIONAL MATERIALS”, enter the journal  name and do not click enter.  The search box will automatically generate a drop down list of options for you to select.  Click JOURNAL OF BUSINESS LAW from the options list, and it will bring you to the JBL page.

 4. The JBL page will list the recent JBL articles.  If you’d like to search for sa specific JBL article, click the ADVANCED link on the top right corner next to the search box.   It will bring you to the search template where you can fill in the form/fields such as article’s title, keywords, etc. for further searches within JBL.

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