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Research guide to resources for Software Systems

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The Future of Sofware Development.

Today’s software development strategy needs to consider trends such as agile, mobile, app stores, cloud, middleware, open source and open standards – and more. The future of software development increasingly blurs the lines between in-house applications, packaged software, and the cloud.

How can an IT leader ensure their software strategy meets such demands, and uses the right combination of in-house and external skills?  More...

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Software & Cyberphysical Systems

Software & Cyberphysical Systems introduces research and practice oriented innovations leading to the development of technologies, solutions, methodologies and practice principles that address issues and mitigate problems faced by businesses. Current research themes in this area are:

  • Mobile & Wearable Systems & Testbeds
  • Cyber-Physical & IoT Systems
  • Interactive & Wearable Computing Interfaces
  • Physical Sensing & Analytics
  • Software Mining: Testing & Analytics
  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • Edge & Cloud-Assisted Computing

This guide leads you to a variety range of resources on Software & Cyberphysical Systems.

This research guide is created and maintained by Wei XIA.

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